What services do you provide?

We provide residential and commercial artwork. This includes everything from commissioned art on canvas to various types of painted wall treatments. We also replicate hand painted wallpapers and do decorative plaster.

What does it cost?

Wall treatments are priced per square foot, varying based on technique. Murals and paintings are individually priced based upon the amount of detail desired and time involved. Pricing is agreed upon before the start of each project.

Do you charge for an initial consultation?

No, there is no charge to evaluate your project and give an estimate.

How does the creative process work? Do we come up with the concept or do you?

We will execute your vision if you have one, or will help you develop your concept. We will provide as much design direction as necessary for a successful outcome.

What if I only have a small project?

There is no project too small, although there is a minimum charge.

Will you do jobs outside the Bay Area?

Yes, we do several jobs every year that take us to other parts of the country.

Will you do ceilings or projects requiring scaffolding?

Yes, no job is too difficult or too large. We have staff and equipment available to accommodate any working conditions.
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