Shannon Thoner Designs is a decorative painting company that has been providing excellent quality artwork in some of the most prestigious homes in the San Francisco Bay Area and nationwide for 25 years. Our services include everything from commissioned oils on canvas to murals and hand painted wall finishes and various specialized finishes on wood and metal. We work closely with homeowners, designers and builders to create custom finishes that are unique for each client. Every new project is met with creative enthusiasm. Our goal is for the client's vision to come to life, leaving them with an environment that truly reflects their individual style.

We look forward to meeting with you and helping you to accomplish your design goals.

Client Testimonials

Shannon Thoner is a master artist and designer. Whatever she touches becomes a work of art. She understands the subtleties of color. She is a master of tone and is laser-focused on creating exactly what she sees in her mind. She serves her clients wishes without a hint of narcissism. Tell her what you want and she will create it. Give her room to create and she will blow your mind.”
— Justin Dillon
Shannon takes all of the guess work out of any project. Simply allow her to learn of your style and taste and quietly the job is accomplished beautifully and creatively. It was a pleasure working with this talented and energetic lady. This imaginative artist has provided me, friends and family with a one of a kind finish to my unique home.”
— Bill Mazzocco
It is on rare occasion that one has the pleasure of working with an individual like Shannon - someone who listens so carefully, cares so deeply and is so truly talented. Shannon is an artist and she pours her soul into her work. She feels the world around her with a great intensity and gives back creations that enliven our senses and inspire us to love and appreciate the beauty and diversity of our world.”
— Tanya Aungle